Wondering How to use windows fax and scan? If your answer is yes then I am here to help you out. In today’s time FAX is quite old. But there are quite a lot of people still using it in today’s time and explain How to setup windows fax and scan windows 10.

Online Fax service is basically a machine which can be accessed through the internet. A fax machine or any printer that connects to the computer and faxes through the landline phone line. And there are quite a lot software which can help you to turn your computer into a direct replacement of a hardcopy fax machine.

Option 1 – Online fax services compatible with Windows 10

Online fax service is basically a dedicated fax number that is hosted by a service provider. And when compared with a fax software or a fax machine, an online fax service allows you to directly fax from the internet without the need of a dedicated landline phone line at your place. As well as you will have the ability to access or manage fax communications from anywhere you can access the internet. 

The interface would be pretty much similar to the web based email account. However, the only exception would be to sending and receiving faxes. As well as it features all the modern applications like Microsoft office suite, email, web, and so on. 

Even the good part is that the offline fax services can also be combined with the other devices. For example, you will be able to fax from another computer, tablet, or smartphone through the same account.

Option 2 – Fax through a connected fax

There is quite a lot of Fax, and multifunction printers have the option to fax through the machine from a computer. However, mostly the option depends on the Fax’s machine manufacturer and whether they have added the feature or not.

If you have the feature, you will be able to send and receive faxes directly to your computer through a fax machine. This way, you will not have to print a document and then fax it. Instead, you will be able to do everything from your computer only.

What you’ll need?

To send or receive a fax from a Windows 10 computer through a connected fax or printer with Fax, you will need these following things:

  1. A fax machine or a multifunction printer that can fax from the computer.
  2. An active land line phone line that connects to the Fax or multifunction printer. Also, make sure that the phone line is not a VoIP one. As VoIP signals usually scramble a fax signal.
  3. A document to send.

Things to be aware of

Also, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. And these things are the:

  • You will need to connect your fax machine or printer to the active land line phone line to make everything work.
  • The fax or multifunction printer with the wireless feature will not allow you to send or receive faxes to your computer.

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Option 3 – Using fax software

The good part of Windows 10 is that it already comes with the ability to fax from your computer. And this program is called the Windows Fax And Scan multiple pages. To get started with this tool, here is some information:

System Requirements

To receive or send a fax from your Windows 10 computer, you will need these following requirements:

  • A computer that is running on Windows 10.
  • Modem or Fax Board on the computer. (Mostly the computers which have telephone line connection will have this thing.)
  • A land-line phone line. The phone line should not be a VoIP phone connection as VoIP signals usually scramble a fax signal.
  • A document to send
  • When using Windows Fax and Scan as a fax machine, the computer needs always to be on and connected to the phone line to receive a fax.

Also, you must know that your computer will not be able to use the internet connection to send or receive faxes. It will only use the phone connection windows fax and scan how to scan multiple pages with how to scan multiple pages with windows fax and scan.

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Configuring Windows Fax and Scan

  1. The next step is to configure Windows Fax and Scan pdf. For this, follow these steps:
  2. First of all, start the program through the start menu.
  3. Then click on Tools and go to Fax Accounts.
  4. After that, select Add to have the modem installed on your computer.
  5. Next, choose between Automatic or Manual Answering of the phone line.
  6. In the end, go to “Tools” and “Fax Settings” to configure additional options. Like, you will have to change the automatic or manual reception, change the number of rings before automatic pick up, configure TSID and CSID information, and automatically save or print fax the moment it arrives.
You can windows fax and scan download and use it anywhere and how to install windows fax and scan. Not only on older versions of windows but windows fax and scan windows 10 also. See how to scan multiple pages in windows fax and scan in this article.

Sending a Fax in Windows Fax and Scan

To use Windows 10 Fax, you will have to use the “Windows Fax and Scan” program.

  1. For this, click on the start button.
  2. Go to all programs.
  3. Then select “Windows Fax and Scan.”
  4. Now from the toolbar appears in the program, select “New Fax”.
  5. Then Create your fax, and then click send to send it to the receiving fax machine.

So that was all about the how to open windows fax and scan. Now go ahead and check it out and see how to use windows fax and scan in windows 10? Also, for any questions do feel free to comment below and know more on official website here.

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