Rollback from Windows 10 to previous version of Windows

You might have upgraded to the latest version of Windows, i.e., Windows 10. But You don’t like the interface? Or Your computer not working well? Or Your machine can’t handle the latest software? You might want to roll back to the previous version which you were using without any issue. Microsoft allows you to roll back to the previous version of Windows if you are not happy with Windows 10. Here’s this simple guide in which I am going to tell you the easy steps to roll back to the previous version of Windows. It can be Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or any other, You can rollback to any of them. You have to do this within 30 days of the upgrade.

This is only valid if you have successfully upgraded only to the Windows. Custom installing doesn’t allow you to roll back to the previous version of the windows. For that, you will have to install the windows again with the ISO file through custom installation.

Rollback from Windows 10

Windows 10 has got some amazing features. Despite being its large size compared to previous generation windows, it might not entertain some of the people out there. However, some of the amazing features from Microsoft Windows 10 are Cortana, Edge Browser, Dark theme, more personalization, Minimalistic look and much more. But if you are a person who is running a very old pc which can’t even handle a large-sized game, then you will definitely not like the Windows 10 experience.

As the Windows 10 is latest OS coming from Microsoft, it requires at least i3 processor (in my opinion) to work well. Although You might have installed it on an older device, but it is lagging too much? You might want to roll back to the previous one, right? Thankfully, Microsoft allows the user to roll back to the previous version of Windows. To do so, follow these simple steps and You will be back to the stable version you wanted.

To do so, First of all, open settings. You can do that by simply searching it in the search bar present in the Task Bar or go to the Start menu and find Settings. Now click on Update and Security.

When you open Update and Security, you will see options like Windows Update, Activation, Backup, Recovery, and Windows Defender. You will have to click on Recovery.

Once you have clicked on Recovery in the Update and Security settings, you will find three options there.

  • First one being, reset this PC which means Removing everything and Reinstall the Windows on the computer. This basically refers to do a Factory Reset.
  • Second one being, go back to your previous version of Windows which refers to the option we need. It will let you roll back to the previous version of Windows installed on that computer. Note, this option will be available only after 30 days of upgrading to Windows 10 as mentioned earlier.
  • Last one being, Advanced Startup which will let you change the settings of your pc using USB/DVD.

Once you have selected the Second option, you will be greeted with the popup which asks you for your feedback. Now then, when you have given the feedback for whatever reason you are rolling back, Continue to the next option.

If you are running the rollback on Laptop, plug in the charger so as to be on the safer side. It might take some time to roll back to the previous version of Windows.

rollback to win 10 e

Click on Go Back to {Previous Version of Windows} or whatever similar you see on the screen.

Your system will take some time to roll back to the previous version now. You just have to sit back and relax. Windows will automatically install all the previous settings and preferences. You will be notified once the rollback is completed.

Once the rollback is done, the computer will automatically boot into the earlier Windows.

You can also rollback to the earlier version of Windows 10 update. Note, again that works within just 30 days of an update.

Facing Any Problem? However, if you have completed the steps carefully, You should not face any issue but if you do that is because of the windows can’t see the previous version files. Yeah, the windows will only rollback if the previous files are present in the system until then.

As mentioned earlier, if you are trying this method after 30 days, this will definitely not work. Are these not the case with you? Can’t rollback to the previous windows still with all the above-mentioned problem cleared? Just drop a comment down below, I will try to help you out from the problem.

Final Words

That is, it from my side. I hope you liked this easiest way to roll back to the previous version of Windows from Windows 10. If you did, make sure to share it with friends on all social media platform. Having any problem while rolling back to previous windows, follow the steps again carefully. If I missed anything, let me know through the comment section down below. Having any queries/feedback/suggestions, post them in the comments. Do follow us on all social media platforms.