Overclock your CPU, Memory and Bus Speeds with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Ever thought of getting extreme performance from your PC? Well, PC overclocking would be the thing you are looking for. This is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who want to try this, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility would aid you. This works only if you have processors from Intel. Let us have at what Intel Extreme Tuning Utility has got to offer you :”)

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Disclaimer: I won’t recommend you to use this software. Use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility at you won risk, only if you are an experienced user with these activities.


Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or XTU is software used to overclock the speeds and tune your PC’s performance. This software is specifically made for those who use Intel processors and a Windows PC. The XTU provides you with a bunch of capabilities that are common on other similar platforms and some new tweaks and features for the brand new Intel motherboards and processors.

This tool can help you overclock your CPU, Memory and bus speeds for optimized and extreme performance. It has the ability to automatically tune and optimize your system while marinating as much stability as possible. Apart from this, this tool has the ability to tweak and monitor the temperature, voltage and fan speeds. Also, it allows you to have an overview of the changes via a graph.

Negative Impacts of Changing Clock Frequency or Voltage

Please keep in mind that altering the clock frequency or voltage of your system:

  1. Would lead to reduced stability
  2. Can reduce the life of processor and system.
  3. May affect data integrity
  4. Would fail the processor
  5. Can cause additional head and damage

Download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Now that you know about the good and bad impacts of using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, download it with a fair decision.

To check out if your Intel processor is eligible for this software to be used, click here.

To download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility software, click here.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all about the XTU or Intel Extreme Tuning Utility program. I hope you would have read the good and bad impacts clearly. Do let us know your experience if you have tried this tool.

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