Manage your Passwords in Internet Explorer using the Credential Manager

After the release, it has become easier to access and tweak a lot of features. One such astonishing option is to manage your passwords in Internet Explorer. Well, who hates to manage the usernames and passwords?

Forgetting the passwords is human nature. To overcome this issue, updates from Windows 8 lets you manage passwords smartly. The Internet Explorer does so by saving your credentials. Once you login or sign into a website, it securely saves your username and password.

This feature has proved pretty handy to me. If you are like me and want to manage the passwords with ease, we have got something. In this post, we have discussed how you can manage your passwords in Internet Explorer.

Manage Passwords in Internet Explorer

First of all, follow the steps described below to use this feature flawlessly:

  1. Run the Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to Internet options > Content Tab.
  3. Under the sub-heading AutoComplete, click on “Settings”. A dialog box with the title “AutoComplete Settings” will open up.
  4. In this dialog box, click on “Manage Passwords”.
  5. This will now open up the “Windows Credential Manager”.

Well, now the question arises is that- What is Windows Credential Manager? Have a look on this section to know about it this in short.

Windows Credential Manager

As the name suggests, Credential Manager helps you manage your credentials. It stores and uses your usernames, website’s URLs and passwords in a secure location. These credentials are stored in a totally safe folder in your PC. Windows and its services securely use this data to let you sign in with one click to any website or User.

Web Credentials

Not only Windows can store your Windows credentials, it has the option for Web Credentials as well. The usernames and passwords that you use to login or sign in to some site, it can help you with it. Internet Explorer 10 and higher versions have the option to securely store your credentials.

All these processes are done using the Credential Locker Services. With the aid of this service, Windows can create and manage a secure folder on your PC to store credentials.

With the Web credentials, you can always check the complete info stored. To see the stored credentials on Windows Web Credentials, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the option of Web Credentials.
  2. For security purposes, you need to type in the password and proceed.
  3. Once done, you can see the full list of stored passwords, username, and websites.
  4. You can remove the ones you don’t need to be stored by clicking on ‘Remove’ option. stored-user-names-passwords

Final verdict

Well, there is an option with which you can edit and back up the Windows credentials. But there is no way you can do so with the Web Credentials. With an update, Microsoft has made these changes to decrease the confusion among users regarding the passwords, etc.

I hope this was enough for you regarding the Windows Credentials and Password Management. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below. And for more related content, keep following {site name}