Animation videos are fun, and there is no doubt in it. It does not matter if you are creating an informative video, video for a marketing campaign, or for education. Animation videos work pretty amazingly. And in case if you want to create animated videos on your own, you are going to need a 2d animation software free.

But when it comes to animation software, there are quite a lot of options that are available. And choosing one of them can be a pretty hard task. However, to make it easy for you, I am going to talk about some of the best yet 2d animation software free. So here we go:

2d animation software free

Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation Paper 2D animation software for mac free

Plastic Animation Paper or PAP is one of the well known yet powerful software for creating animations. With the help of this cartoon animation software free, you will be able to create hand-drawn animation.

And it is pretty efficient and offers you a super-responsive interface that is extremely easy for real-time workflow.

Also, the best part of PAP is that it provides an easy interface taking all the advantages of the computer. Hence, you will be able to draw on your computer.

As a result, you will be able to save a lot of your time. As well as you can save your project in various formats like PNG, AVI, GIF, and others.

Moreover, the software is pretty useful for everyone. Be it a professional animator or an individual.

It offers you an easy to use interface that allows you to create animation from the home system. Also, the software is free to download on your Windows and Mac computer.


animation software for mac

Stykz is another free to use tool that you can use to generate 2D animations. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and Windows.

As well as it comes with an easy and powerful interface that aims at generating animations all from your home desktop.

It is a frame-based software that allows you to customize the individual frame. Plus, you will be able to alter the previous frames. Even, the tool will also assist you in sketching the characters and the landscape before the actual movie on the next steps.

Plus, you will be able to save the files in .stl format, which is compatible with other animation tools as well.


animation software for beginners free download

Up next, there is the Pencil2D. This one is one of the popular freeware best animation software that offers you an easy to use interface. 

So you can easily generate 2D animations. The software is also an open-source tool and can be installed on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

The software is created by Pascal Naidon that uses a bitmap/vector for drawing the interface.

However, the drawback of the software is that it does not offer as many features as other tools do. But if you want to generate 2D drawings in a smooth way. This can be a pretty great tool that you can try out.

Vectorian Giotto

animation software list


Next, I have the Vectorian Giotto. This one is packed with more than 50 great animated effects, and it can be applied to both shapes and texts. And you do not need to get into the coding part at all.

Also, there are quite a lot of flash effects that are available, which you can play with. And you will be able to see the amazing animations immediately on the screen.

Also, the best part of this software is that it is pretty lightweight and has an interface similar tot eh adobe flash. As well as it is pretty easy to get started with this software.

Free 3D Animation Software

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

animation software free download

Aurora 3D animation maker is one of the best 3d animation software for beginners its free animation making software that you can try out. The best part of this tool is that it offers you templates to add graphics assets to create animations. This tool is for everyone. Be it, professionals or individuals.

As well as with this software, you will be getting and an extensive number of preloaded effects and features that can be used to create complex animation and also a simple presentation. Also, it allows you to add your own logo and watermark to the images.

Even, this software can also be used for creating 3D video titles and texts as well. In addition to that, it comes with features like duration, and the playback rate helps Users to make cool animations.

Other captivating effects include fireworks, flames, and movements like bounce.

Blender free 3d modeling software

animation software online

Blender is also one of the most popular software available out there. It comes with a small installation size, and it runs on several popular computing platforms. As well as it offers you a large feature collection and offers you a high level of tools for 3D modeling, Animation, Effects, and so on.

Moreover, the software also features basic non-linear video/audio editing. Blender’s animations system supports a variety of techniques and tasks, allowing the creation of complex animations.

Even it is an excellent tool for learners and also experienced animators and offers real-time 3D/game creation, 3Dwrapping, Edge rendering, and collision simulation.

The software is an open source tool that lets users make changes and even add new features. Also, you can download the software free of cost.


animation software for windows

In the end, I have the Clara.IO. Unlike any other animation tools listed on this page. The is a cloud-based fully functional animated software that you can try out.

The software runs directly in your browser without any downloads and configuration setup. Also, the software offers you 3D animation software for free download plans for 3D enthusiasts.

As well as it is a browser-based tool, you can use it on a variety of browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Plus, it offers you features like easy sharing, VRay cloud rendering, modern interface, and offers a user-friendly multiplatform.

Final Words:

So those were some of the best yet free animation software that you can try out. So go ahead and have a look at them and see how it is working for you.