picasa download for pc

Wondering where to find the Picasa download for windows 10 link? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out.

There is no doubt that Picasa is one of the best photo editing tools was available out there. The photo editing software was developed by Google. However, Google, one day, announced that they are ending support for Picasa. And you can use the editing features from Google Photos only, which is a very popular photo organizer.

However, there are quite a lot of users out there who still want to Picasa download for windows 10. And if you are one such person, then let me help you with the download link.

Picasa Desktop Application

Picasa is a lightweight free desktop application that allows you to organize and edit your photos on computer. As long as you install the software, the application starts scanning your computer for photos as soon as you are done with the installation.

However, the thing with the Picasa Desktop Application is that it will no longer be receiving any updates or security patches. Whatever was already developed, you can only access them since Google has ended support for Picasa Desktop Application.

Picasa Desktop Application Features

Manage and Organize Your Photos:

picasa download for pc

The best part of Picasa is that it automatically scans all your photos on your PC. As well as the photos uploaded on Google Plus, Picasa web albums. Then the application categorizes all your photos date wise and folder wise.

Also, you can move the pictures from one folder to another. Or you can simply create a new album and move them to Google Photos, mail them, and so on.

Add effects to your photos:

picasa download for pc

Picasa also allows you to add effects to your photos. It comes with a bunch of nice and near good photo editing tools. Even getting started with the tool is also pretty easy. All you have to do is select any photos and transform them by adding different effects. With this one you will get some of the common features to fix lighting and color. Also, you can add some fun image processing effects.

Create Collage, Poster, Gifs, and so on:

picasa download for pc

The photo editing tool also allows you to create a collage, you can use the software to make a poster, add borders to your images, set an image as your desktop background. You can make a movie by using different slides of images. Even, there is a feature that allows you to post an image directly to Blogger. However, the feature might not work anymore.

Upload Your Pictures to Google Photos:

picasa download for pc

You can also upload your pictures to Google photos. There is a green upload button which allows you to upload your pictures to Google Photos, the online digital photo gallery of Google.

All you have to do is select any photo and click on the upload button to upload it. Moreover, you can also tag people, faces, or places in your pictures.

So those were some of the top features of Picasa Desktop Application. However, some of the features got discontinued from March 2016. As Google ended support for Picasa and here are the features that you will no longer be able to use:

· Flash support

· Community search

· Mutation operations other than uploads

· All support for tags, comments, and contacts

However, the good part is that you will still be able to view photos, check out albums, and upload new photos. But there is no active development of the software happen.

Picasa Download For Windows 10

For Picasa download for windows 10 link, you can simply click on the below download link. And the software will get downloaded to your computer.


Final Words:

So that was how you could download Picasa for Windows 10. Now go ahead and check the software out and see how it is working for you. Also, if there is anything you wish to ask then do feel free to comment below.