One thing that almost everyone hates about Windows is that the windows explorer keeps crashing. Even not just Windows explorer, different apps and software also get crashed on Windows. But no matter what’s crashing, whenever such things happen, it is pretty frustrating.

And in case if you are too facing the windows explorer keeps crashing issue and wondering how to fix it. Then I am here to help you out. In this article, I am going to talk about some possible fixes that would prevent Windows Explorer from crashing.

Sounds interesting? So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How To Fix Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Error?

Fix 1: Keep latest Windows update

There is no point of solving this error if your do not have latest Windows. As Microsoft often releases updates to fix the Windows Explorer crashing issue. And there is a high chance that Microsoft already has solved your issue. But as you are using an outdated system, you are still getting the Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Error.

Fix 2: Uninstall third-party add-ons

There are many applications which install different add-ons in Windows explorer. These add-ons definitely help the applications to run smoothly and offer you a better experience. But it is also one of the main reasons why your Windows explorer is getting crashed.

Hence to fix the issue, you better disable all the third party add-ons from your system and see if it is working for you. If it does not work, you can always enable them back.

So the question is how to do it? Well to make this thing easy you can download a free utility tool named as the ShellExView. Simply download and start using the application.

  •       So first of all, download and install ShellExView.
  •       Then launch the program.
  •       Now go to options from the top bar and select “Hide All Microsoft Extensions.” By doing this, you will be able to hide all your Microsoft add-ons and only show third party add-ons that you have to disable.
  •       Now press CTRL + A from your keyboard to select all the add-ons.
  •       Now from the right click menu, select “Disable selected Items,” and you are good to go.
  •       To enable the add-ons back. You have to select them all and select “Enable selected items”.

Fix 3: Disable thumbnails

Thumbnails are also one of the reasons behind the windows explorer keeps crashing issue. Especially when there are too many images in a single folder. So to prevent Windows Explorer from crashing, you better disable thumbnails. To do so, follow these steps:

  •       First of all, click on the organize option from the top.
  •       Then go to Folder options.
  •       Then go to the View Tab and place a tick on the checkbox that says, “Always show icons, never thumbnails.”

Fix 4: Launch folder windows in a separate process

As Windows opens a folder in a single process. As a result, it can conflict some issues that lead to crashing. However, you can prevent this thing by launching folders in a separated process. For this, go to Folder options and place a tick on the option that says, “Launch folder windows in a separate process.”

Fix 5: Clear Windows Explorer history

You should also know that Explorer keeps a record of all your recently accessed folder. And this data sometimes creates conflict and leads to Explorer crashing. To fix this, you can clear Windows explorer history.

Fix 6: Check Windows Event Viewer

In case, if Windows Explorer is crashing because of an application or Windows process. Then you must get to see in the Event Viewer. And then you can easily solve the issue. To do this, follow these steps:

  •       First of all press Windows Key + R keys together to open the Run Dialog.
  •       Over here type down event viewer windows 10 and hit the enter button.
  •       Now from the left panel, double click on the Windows logs and then select Application.
  •       Now over here, you will get to see a big list of events of different types.
  •       Then click on the level from the top to sort the log by errors.
  •       Over here, look for an error or critical log that you might have occurred when explorer crashed. If you find the error, click on it.
  •       Then you will find the description and point out all the necessary information.
  •       Using this information you might want to reinstall or delete some files.

Fix 7: Put explorer.exe in System32 folder

Sometimes you get the windows explorer keeps crashing issue because of an indexing issue. To fix this, you can put the explorer.exe folder into the System32 folder. So for this, you will need to follow these steps:

  •       First of all, go to this path: C:\Windows.
  •       Over here you have to locate the explorer.exe file.
  •       Then you have to copy the file and not cut it.
  •       Now in the same Windows folder, look for the System32 folder and open it.
  •       In the end, paste the explorer.exe file into it.

Fix 8: Run SFC and Chkdsk scans

In the end, you can run SFC and Chkdsk scans. SFC scan can help you to fix corrupted files on your computer. And the chkdsk can help you to fix the hard disk drive errors. To use these commands, follow these steps:

  •       First of all press Windows key + R to open the run box.
  •       Now over here type down cmd and hit enter button.
  •       On the CMD you have to type sfc /scannow to run the SFC scan. It will take a bit of time to look for files and fix them.
  •       Then type down the chkdsk command and hit the enter button.

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  Final Words:

So that was all the fixes for the windows explorer keeps crashing. Now go ahead and check these steps out and see how they are working for you and more information on official website. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out.